Would you like to improve your skills with a dslr camera?

Would you like to better understand your flash gun?

You have come to the right place !

As a registered professional photographer & licensed NYS teacher, I can make you the photographer you aspire to be, portrait, weddng, scenic, nature, product or commercial.

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1. PRIVATE TUTORING: In your home, my home or a public location of your choice. The cost in 2019 for a private lesson is $50/hr & includes personalized instruction with your own gear. I will also supply you with helpful handouts and/or visual aids.. If your location, depending on distance, a small travel fee "may" apply.

2. CONTINUING EDUCATION: I can be found listed with the Rush Henrietta Contining Education (Fall & Spring) catalog.

   Classes I plan to instruct include:

  dSLR cameras / portaiture & lighting

  Action - Sports ... etc.

LIGHTROOM CC 2019 ( introductory )

       (I am the "balding" one ... unfortunately)

3. GROUP CLASSES: Private, group of 4, instruction session - your gear / your topics ....... Priced @ only $150/person ... 3 hr indoor session .. an indoor location agreed upon by the group.

4. WORKSHOPS: Outdoor workshop includes; landscape, depth of field, meter & exposure settings, polarizing & neutral density filters, outdoor fill flash & portraits, panoramas, hdr (high dynamic range) and other related topics. Workshops are designed for 4 people. A custom topic(s) workshop can be arranged. The # of participating people can also be adjusted. Held at  Letchworth State Park (or other location based on group request). Priced @ only 175/person (based on a 4 person group .. per person price is little higher with smaller groups).

This is a 4 hour session (time frame to be determined) !!!






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